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I suggest that you contact the developer of Monolingual. It should not be deleting symlinks, firstly since that will set off Apple's code signing mechanism, and secondly because symlinks take up a negligible amount of disk space anyway in this case, 11 bytes logical and 4.

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Following up on Charles's reply I did some experimentation and found that although I misspoke and have never run Monolingual on Pacifist, my own delocalization efforts did, indeed, break it. I've now identified the problem items and a possible glitch in either Pacifist or EasyFind and am running Pacifist with no problems.

How to Open .pkg Files to View What Will Install on Mac with Suspicious Package

Many thanks to Charles for having, even if belatedly, recognized the essence of my problem and pointed me to the fix. So, if you never actually ran Monolingual on Pacifist, why did you state that you did, and then on top of that lower your rating on Pacifist, claiming there was a problem, when in fact, there was no problem with Pacifist? You then insist that you have uncovered a "glitch" with Pacifist and Easy Find, but don't elaborate. But then in the next sentence you say Pacifist is running fine. So which is it? I give you some credit for at least coming clean, but do the right thing and at least post another review with five stars to somewhat make up for the 4 star rating you gave previously.

Mcr Dunno why I wasn't notified of your post Thanks for reminding me to re-rate; by the time a new version came out it was off my radar. Inveterate, degenerate cleaner-uppers beware! More: There is some weirdness going on between EasyFind and Pacifist, but it's apparently an EF issue, and it won't be investigated any time in the near future, and as I already mentioned, Monolingual is inconsequential to this discussion and should not have been the subject of a rant.

Pacifist is an indispensable utility for those who want to look in the contents of PKG files. This app is a long runner and is still among the first. You can try it as long as you wish and pay with confidence that you get a really useful app.

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However, my only complain is that there is no column for the "Default Install Location" and I have to open the Info dialog to see the installation path. Also, app sometimes crashes on opening some pkg files, then open them just fine that's really weird, but not a big issue. It looks that PKG creation tools are sparse. All that I tried failed i. Iceberg, Packages. Could you e-mail me the crash report next time you experience a crash, so I can try to figure out what caused it? My e-mail address is support at charlessoft dot com. I agree this is a must have for anyone who does much work with compressed files.

Among other things, when an archived app is reported as broken when you decompress it or won't run due to the lack of a security certificate from Apple, Pacifist will unpack the archive with proper permissions so the enclosed app will run as you expect. Of course you should only use it on uncertified apps if you trust the developer. Pacifist has always done the trick for me. It has been around on the Mac for a long time and is well maintained by the developer.

It's worth every penny I paid for it. Sorry to ask that this pacifist got provide online serial key validation??

How to extract mach_kernel from OS X Maverick using Pacifist

Some third party pkg are just nearly impossible to add mainly due to a permissions thing and so Pacifist comes to the rescue. Like 4.

Show more. Go to reviews Pacifist is the application that opens Mac OS X packages. This is useful, for example, when in an installed system the application is damaged or deleted any files.

Pacifist 3.6.1

You can put it back without reinstalling the whole system. You can see what the files are loaded from the package prior to its installation into the system.

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Pacifist can also check your installed apps for missing or outdated files. Pacifist will help to determine how the installer installed in the system kexts and they belong to Apple or a third-party developer. For some types of archives it is possible to upload a single file from a large archive with HTTP access without having to download an entire archive. Developer: CharlesSoft. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Pacifist for Mac - Download

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