Safari running slow on mac el capitan

You can change this by clicking on the little settings icon gear at the bottom of the list box.

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Click on Set Service Order and another popup will appear where you can reorder the connections by dragging and dropping. I moved Ethernet to the top and then clicked OK. After that, make sure you click Apply to on the System Preferences dialog. Go to Finder , click on Go and then Go to Folder.

Speed Up Safari With These Tuneup Tips

Type in the following path:. Sometimes it may not be Safari causing the issue, but your DNS settings. However, using a public DNS might result in faster browsing. Check out my article on the best public DNS servers you can use for free. Using Google has sped up my browsing not only in Safari, but also other browsers. Sometimes the problem is with the user account you are currently using. You can try to fix the problem by using Disk Utility.

You can go to Spotlight and type in Disk Utility to open the dialog quickly.

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Click on your hard drive in the left hand pane and then click on the First Aid tab. Unfortunately, OS X suffers from some of the same issues, especially if you have always kept upgrading to the latest version of OS X without doing a clean install. I upgraded from Mountain Lion to Mavericks to Yosemite to El Capitan before doing a fresh install of El Capitan, which made things significantly faster.

Those are about all the possible solutions I could find to fix a slow Safari problem.

4 Reasons Why You Might Want to Reinstall macOS

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments. Soon enough it will resort to using Virtual Memory, which is an unwanted outcome. To manually clean the memory, do the following:. The large cache files can eat up a lot of disk space and reduce OS X performance. Why is cleaning cache so important? First of all, it helps to reclaim a considerable amount of disk space. It is possible to access all cache files within Mac Capitan manually. Follow the below instructions:. Manual cache cleaning on Mac has its drawbacks. Secondly, deleting some of these files unknowingly may cause a system crash.

Plus, the process itself is time-consuming, so it could use some automation. As a rule, free or paid third-party applications have a user-friendly interface, are easy to use and complemented with rich documentation. They offer users an array of functionality targeted at specific areas:.

How to Fix it When Safari Runs Slow on Mac?

Using trusted third-party maintenance utilities is effective, safe, and fast. These apps require minimum involvement, prevent users from deleting important system data and ensure anti-malware protection. Remember to download the third-party apps only from trusted providers to avoid malware and fraudulent software. Clearing cache is important to prevent logs, unneeded language files, and system trash from piling up. It is possible to conduct all cleaning procedures manually. Fix It now!

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