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If anyone out there has succeeded in changing the guest screen resolution, I would be most appreciative in receiving some guidance. I was using an original Luckily, I had a grey I have a problem too. Could you please publish or send me an video of how to do this. I managed to install Lion virtualized on my iMac running Lion I tried importing to Parallel 7, but no luck, says no OS detected.

But the resulting VM is not really usable:. But the reason I did this experiment was to see if I can switch to Lion while continuing to have Rosetta available, since some of my work depends on Rosetta apps. Other versions of Mac OS are not supported. Will a standard install of Snow Leopard work? I never see that option. My Snow leopard is This guide does not work with VMware Fusion.

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Likely Parallels does as well. I got a regular retail version of Snow Leopard working on the latest Virtual Box. It is not a Snow Leopard server disc. Neither Parallels 6 nor P7 will allow me to install the disc.

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I used VMDK option to install the disc. The first time I used Virtual Boxes default disc. I tried to do the same with the parallels virtual disk, but that failed after some upgrades. It ran fine, completed and then told me it needed to be Snow Leopard server to run.

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Yet it works fine on Virtual Box. When I was installing. VB seemed to select snow leopard server as the OS even when there seemed to be no option for me to select it. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

How to Perform a Clean Install of macOS Sierra

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Ask a local user group for help: Another thing you might consider is contacting your local Macintosh user group. Try Dr. Mac Consulting: You can check out consulting services or call Check whether you have RAM issues: If you have problems immediately after installing random-access memory RAM — or any new hardware, for that matter — double-check that the RAM chips are properly seated in their sockets. If you still have problems, remove the RAM chips temporarily and see whether the problem still exists. Follow the installation instructions that came with the RAM chips — or the ones in the booklet that came with your Mac.