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Select the tracks you want to copy to the computer. Some programs such as iRip will give you the option to quickly import all of the tracks on the iPod into the iTunes library on the new computer. You can also choose to select tracks manually and copy only the selection to the computer.

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If that's the case, or you want to use the songs in another media player, you'll need to copy them to a location on your computer such as your Music folder , and then add that folder to your iTunes library. Sometimes the file names of the songs will be changed when copying them off your iPod. The import process will likely take a while, especially if you are copying thousands of songs. Method 3. This method is for classic iPods that you need to extract music tracks from.

When you use this method, you won't be able to tell what song is what until you add them to a media players library. This is because the song files are renamed when they're added to your iPod's library.

How to Transfer Music from Computer iTunes to iPhone iPad iPod - Mac

This method is useful for transferring songs that you didn't purchase from iTunes to a new computer or a friend's computer. It is also useful for retrieving your songs when nothing appears on your iPod. This method is not very useful for people trying to extract a single song or just a few out of hundreds. This is because the songs will not have legible file names, so finding the exact song you want will be difficult, if not impossible.

Use the method above for those devices. Start iTunes on the new computer. You will need to start the process in iTunes so that the iPod can be put into Disk Use mode. This will allow your computer to open the iPod like an external drive. Continue to hold the keys until you see the device appear in iTunes. Holding these keys will prevent iTunes from automatically syncing the iPod when it's connected.

If your iPod is not staying connected after doing this, select it in iTunes and check the "Enable disk use" box in the Summary window. Enable hidden files in your operating system.

In order to see the hidden folder containing your music files, you will need to enable your operating system to disable hidden files. The process varies depending on whether you're using Windows or Mac. Click the View tab and select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".

Mac - Open the Terminal and type the following command: defaults write com. After running that command, type killall Finder and press Enter to restart file and apply the changes.

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Open the iPod's drive on your computer. On Mac, your iPod will appear as a drive on your desktop. Open iTunes. You can use iTunes to automatically import all of the songs from the iPod into the computer's iTunes library, simplifying the copy process and keeping your music organized. You'll want to change some settings so that your music files are automatically renamed based on their metadata when you add them back into iTunes. After that, click Save button and the process of copying iPod music to MacBook will take place immediately. Tip: If you want erase the entire music library on iPod, you could use the Delete option to smash all the contents.

You can also save the songs of a playlist you actually want to keep to make better use of your MacBook's capacity. To do this, move down to the Playlist section on the left side bar and choose the one to export. Wait the program to do its business.

iPod to Mac Transfer Software - Sync your iPod with Mac

Do not close the program until the process is completely finished. You have all your iPod tunes backed up into the folder of your choice on MacBook's hard drive. Enjoy your songs!

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Read next: How to recover lost messages on iPhone 8 Plus. If you don't want to use iTransfer to do the music collection transfer from iPod to MacBook, you can switch to SharePod to do that. It's a professional iPod music management application with the built-in ability to add music from iPod back to MacBook. Locate and click on your device on the left side of the iTunes window. In Playlists sections, choose Recently added which you can choose the converted Apple Music you added to the iTunes. Finally, click Apply , the converted Apple Music files will be synced to your iPod automatically.

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After the sync completed, you can play Apple Music on your iPod freely. This solution is applicable to all iPod models, now download Sidify Apple Music Converter and have a try by yourself. Note: The free trial version of Sidify Apple Music converter converts the first three minutes of each audio file.

Sidify Apple Music Converter. Buy Win. Buy Mac. Part 1. Part 2. Step 1 Download, install and launch the latest version of Sidify Apple Music Converter Download and install Sidify Apple Music Converter from the download button above, then launch it on your computer. Buy Now. What You Will Need. Follow US.