Mac os windows dual boot pc

Follow all onscreen instructions through to completion of setup.

Check system requirements, then buy Windows

If so, just click Continue Anyway. If you happen to experience any trouble with Windows installation, pay a visit to Apple. Switching from one operating system to another is as easy as rebooting and holding down the Option Alt key during restart to pick your desired OS.

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Simply launch Boot Camp again, check the option to remove Windows, and click Continue. If you click Restore on the next screen you see, you will completely wipe the newly installed Windows partition. One of the biggest reasons that people want to create Hackintoshes is that they have the freedom to choose from two different desktop app sources. On a dual boot, you can enjoy popular Windows applications from the Microsoft Store as well as the best nuggets from the Mac App Store - all on a single computer.

The easiest way to do this is to get a Windows 10 PC and then partition the drive so you can install macOS on that partition.

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Each OS requires its own partition or its own drive. In this article, we'll show you how to create a partition and install the Mac operating system alongside the existing copy of Windows 10 on your PC. There are a few things to keep in mind at this point.

Dual-Boot macOS on a drive with Windows 10 already installed (Shared Drive)

First, you don't need a secondary drive to do this. The shared drive method of dual booting will work just fine as long as you have enough space on the disk for an additional partition for your copy of macOS. Otherwise, you will need to first delete Windows, install macOS after formatting the disk, and then install Windows 10 at the end.

The reason Windows 10 comes last is that certain errors might occur if you try installing Windows first.

How to install Windows 10 on Mac

To start off, you will need a disk partition utility to help you allocate the required space. Once you have the software, follow the steps shown below.

Step 2 : If the EFI partition is less than MB, you will need to expand it by taking space from the partition before or after it. You can right-click on the partition to resize it.

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Step 3 : Now right-click on the new partition and select Split to create a new partition for the macOS installation. The size can be specified on this page. Click OK to apply the changes.

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Step 4 : The next step is to format this partition. To do this, right-click on the macOS partition and select Format. In Windows, you can do this by hitting the F2 during the startup process.

How To Dual Boot Hackintosh OSX Yosemite & Windows 10

Select the partition inside Disk Utility and hit Erase. After that, click the Erase button to start the partition process. The purpose of this step is so that your macOS can boot from the partition instead of from the USB installer.

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Follow the prompt to start the macOS installation process. Step 8 : There's still one more step required to make sure the dual-booting works, and that is to modify one single file so that both partitions are visible as boot sources. This is important because, otherwise, you will have to boot to macOS from the installer each time, which is a complex and unnecessary task.

The steps in the image below show you how it's done:.