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MakeCatalog for Adobe InDesign CS3 has features such as spine option near margin that allows the possibility to calculate the horizontal margin as the inside margin from center of spread, a rotate angle outside of spread if the spine option is checked and a grid center that calculates grid from the center of placed files.

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Virtualising Adobe Creative Suite with Mac OS X / OS X / macOS

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So the best thing to do after importing your project is to immediately and save a new copy with a different file name. This way, in case anything goes wrong or if you ever want to import it again, you will still have your original archive document authored in the other version, as well as your new document that you can continue to develop and make changes to.

Having Multiple Versions on the Same Computer When installing the new Adobe CC release, you can on your computer so that they will not be uninstalled, removed, or written over.

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Often folks find it helpful to continue to have access to the previous release while with the new one, plus as mentioned above, having those prior versions can sometimes be useful in managing older files. And one big bonus of the Creative Cloud which many people are not aware of is that you can choose to download, install, and run if you want or need to Either or both of these releases are available for you to use as a subscriber, now and going forward.

So what all this means is that you can install multiple Adobe releases — they will coexist side-by-side without interference. Moving or Sharing Your Files Between Windows and Mac OS Finally, customers frequently ask if they can move or share data or project files between the Windows and Mac platforms — this is increasingly common in heterogeneous environments where people have Creative Cloud applications.

With the new in Creative Cloud that are, you can easily share Adobe application-specific files with anyone else on the web Simply upload your file s to the Cloud when you want to, and choose if you want to share with others or allow them to post comments or download the original file. You and your clients and colleagues will then be able to intelligently view and manipulate the files online, and without needing to have any Adobe apps installed.

Users can display PSD, INDD, AI, and other files natively — plus turn on-and-off layers, view relevant metadata, step through artboards, and more — and the recipient does not have to be a member of Creative Cloud to do this.

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Learn more in this video: Was this file compatibility guide helpful? I have the latest Illustrator CC There is no problem saving files down to lower versions of Illustrator. Some newer functions will change the artwork. For example lines created with the width line tool will become fills and not editable lines. So be aware that some of the newer features when used will not be editable in the same way.

InDesign CS3

You can easily open old Illustrator files in it. Where there is a problem is with Freehand files. You can however open them and resave them as. Then you can open them in CS6 and CC. Hello Paulette, welcome back and thanks for sharing that! However, if you want to convert your files then you can use any Illustrator version prior to CS6, and resave them as. If you have or use Illustrator CS4 even as a temporary trial , then you can even your FreeHand files to Illustrator files.

Hi Kevin, why would that be negative? Thanks for the compliment otherwise and for stopping! But good point about using common vernacular. Of course, Creative Cloud than Creative Suite ever did including many bundled services , so they are not truly comparable.

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Hey there Bob, what exact message or problem are you getting? What happens when you try to open the CC-exported file in CS6? But see if the suggestions given in this Adobe Forum help. Can I just subscribe for those or how does it work? Also how long does the subscription last?

InDesign CS4 Differences to InDesign CS3 and CS2

My CS6 is currently not working properly so I have to do something. Can you help or guide me? Do you receive any error or other message? If so, what is the exact text of the message? Often that will provide a solution. For more details, check out: Hope that helps! Greetings Sharon, thanks for your question. Capture is a great Adobe app included in the, and uses CC Libraries to manage the assets you create with the app Capture employs the cloud-based CC Libraries functionality to store and transfer your work files from the mobile app to the desktop versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Once you have your Capture asset on the desktop, you may be able to read it with CS2.

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All you need to do is make sure you save your assets to a Creative Cloud library in Capture. From other supported apps, simply access your, pick the one you saved your asset in, and select your asset. For the list of Adobe apps that support Capture assets, see. As a non-professional user of InDesign CS6 and Photoshop CS6, and finding these programs quite adequate for my purposes, I see no reason to subscribe to the CC versions of these programs.

I appreciate that the latter provide features lacking in the former, and that future CC versions will provide further new features. Hence I am not concerned that Adobe will offer no further upgrades to them.