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I knew I had to have glamor check immediately. I might go back for smoke and diamonds, though. I also bought the pearlglide liners in rave and fly by blu. They are very pretty and creamy, but wiping them off left bits of glitter on my face. I prefer mufe aqua eyes pencil, but I wanted these for the extra bling.

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Oooh, dreammaker looks nice. How did I miss this one the other day? I should probably go back and check out dreammaker again.

Digging those liners though, I can never resist glitter. Hmm… Smoke and Diamonds actually looks really pretty!

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I seem to recall a shadow with a similar name from before… but then I might be mistaken. Oh and the liners look pretty!

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I really love all those Pearlglides, especially Black Russian and Rave. I made the mistake of putting Wolf on my waterline before and man those little glitter pieces were all over my poor eyes, ow! As a side note, Sammy accidentally snagged my upper lip with his claw this morning and managed to rip it open.

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MAN that hurt, time for a nail trimming! I love the texture of these shadows! I was crazy and skipped them all last year so I picked up smoke and diamonds. I may go back and check out others if I still have the lemming in a few days. I LOVE the pearlglides! They are the softest and creamiest liners and they look so amazing on!

Discount Price and High Quality! mac style snob eyeshadow

I highly recommend them! Such pretty eyeshadows. I made a MAC store visit, unplanned, and walked out with the smoke and diamonds shadow from the collection. I absolutely love it! Gives me the perfect smoky eye and this shade is so versatile! I love the starflash shadows texture so much. It's very shimmery but I do love shimmer, so no issues there. One slight problem though. However, the good news is, there is always eBay and the likes. It's also said to be a lighter version of the permanent Satin Taupe, so you might want to take a look at that too. Please do pardon my awful brows. Been too busy to keep them in check!

I’m Seeing Stars Thanks to MAC Love That Look

It is worth it? I believe very much so. I love this shade. How much did this cost me?


Oh dear, I haven't bought a MAC eyeshadow for so long, I can't even remember how much one costs, but it should be priced the same as their permanent range. Posted by Syen at